Finding Pattersby is a 10-part weirdo comedy about an ex-ghostwriter who uses the investigation of a legendary, missing thriller author to work through some stuff. Also the ghostwriter's a liar.


    Join host Ryan Cervantes as he delves into the underworld of the suspense-thriller book industry as he attempts to uncover the Truth behind Luke Patterby’s mysterious disappearance. Part travelogue, part horror story, he’ll face a rogues gallery of eccentric authors, corporate monstrosities, dark academia and cultish readerships as Cervantes’ slice-of-life detective saga threatens to become the type of thriller novel he once wrote.


    New chapters release last Thursday of every month, with bi-weekly updates in between.


    Finding Pattersby is written, directed and produced by Ryan Sandoval with music and sound design by Erik Jourgensen. This podcast contained mature themes, explicit language, comedic references to body horror, violence, kidnapping, drowning, cult participation and death. Listener discretion is advised, full transcripts available at patterspod.com